College Apartment Bedroom Tour

October 27, 2016

college apartment bedroom

I moved into an apartment in June and have been slowly putting my bedroom together since then. I wanted to incorporate all of the special pieces I found while abroad and while still having a defined style to the room. Filling the room was a fun process and now it truly feels like my unique space! I'm excited to share it today...

soft american blanket co
A cozy, comfortable bed was key for me. I think this turned out pretty similar to how I envisioned it! I have to say that the best part of my bed is this cozy, soft blanket that American Made Blanket Co. kindly sent to me.

palm print pillows
I reach for this Luster Loft Fleece Throw all the time – it's probably the softest blanket I've ever felt and it has a great thickness and weight to it so it really feels high quality.

college blog bedroom tour
Gray is my go-to accent color in decor, so I love their pretty light gray shade that I know will come in use again and again. I also love that it's American-made in Fall River, Massachusetts!


how to style shelves
I liked the idea of doing shelves above my bed because they can be easily restyled so I'll never get tired of it. They also are good ways to showcase some of my favorite pieces, like the beautiful tile I picked up in Lisbon.

styled shelves

One of my favorite things in my room is this simple custom print with the coordinates of my favorite spot in Granada, the city where I studied abroad.

gallery wall inspiration

This gallery wall was such a big undertaking but I'm so happy with the way it turned out! It holds some of my favorite mementos from studying abroad – a print of a place in Granada I found at an art fair, a sketch of Lisbon that caught my eye, a print of Positano that a local gave me, and of course all my photos from travels around Spain, Italy, Morocco, and Portugal.

gallery wall
I printed out all my photos and collected frames as I went. It took a few different rearrangements of the photos to find a layout that I really liked and that filled up the space well.

Now onto my desk! The first piece that I bought for my room was actually this globe. I knew I wanted the space to reflect all my travels so the globe was the perfect starting point.

desk details


I'm not the best at doing work at my desk – I work better in a library or coffeeshop with minimal distractions. But when I do decide to sit at my desk, I have to be comfortable and have a cozy blanket on hand.

And that's it! I'm really pleased with how the space turned out. I especially love all of the pieces collected from my travels so that I can be surrounded by reminders of some of my favorite memories every day!

Weekend Reading

October 21, 2016

Thank goodness for weeks that fly by quickly! I'm excited for another weekend of fall fun. Here are some things that caught me eye this week...

1. A friend recommended I try Thrive Market to get health food and organic products for less. Their prices are unbeatable!
{ via Thrive Market }

2. Love seeing a blog feature one of my favorite towns in Maine – Camden!
{ via Prosecco and Plaid }

3. These photos of Mallorca are making me add it to the very top of my bucket list... So beautiful!
{ via The Belle Abroad }

4. Love this uplifting story on an adventurous 91 year-old who went skydiving.
{ via Portland Press Herald }

5. Next time I go back to Spain, I really want to road trip around to some of the picturesque smaller towns like the ones on this list.
{ via The Everygirl }

Have a great weekend!

October Weekends

October 17, 2016

October is quickly becoming one of my favorite months of the year. The foliage is in full swing and the temperatures are cooling down but still bearable. I find myself wanting the month to last longer so I can experience this beautiful time of year in all of my favorite places – the White Mountains, Boston, New York...

I've spent the first two months soaking up the season back in my hometown in Maine and my current area in New Hampshire, so I can't complain!

Here's what my October weekends have been looking like...

Apple picking in Maine

I invited my college friends up to my hometown for the first time. We stayed in the prettiest little cottage on the bay and filled our days with cozy fall activities like apple picking and checking out the local pumpkin festival.

Driving along back roads with a view

Hiking through the New Hampshire woods

My friend and I spent Saturday morning hiking up Mount Piper in the Lakes region.

Foliage-filled views from a weekend hike

Discovering new spots in my little town

Full disclosure: I didn't know this pretty little riverside park in the town that I live in existed until I saw it on Instagram... so of course I had to go check it out. Safe to say I will be back!

Wandering around Portsmouth

What have your October weekends looked like?

10 Things About Me

October 11, 2016

I always enjoy blogs that have a little bit of a personal feel to them, where you feel like you get to know the blogger through their posts. I'm a little shy (in person and online!) but I figured I'd share a couple things about myself today. So here goes!

1. I attend the University of New Hampshire and my major is Communication with a concentration in Business. I'm minoring in Spanish and spent last semester studying in Granada, Spain – best four months of my life!

2. I was a ballet dancer for almost ten years but recently decided to move on. It was a sad decision because it's been such a part of my life, but I'm looking forward to having more time to dedicate to other things I love like yoga and Pilates.

3. I work in social media at my university, which is a great experience because it's a field I can see myself in one day.

4. I'm very family-oriented and love hanging out with my parents and sister. My sister is my best friend!

5. My all-time favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls – who doesn't love that show?! So excited for the revival.

6. I can't decide if my favorite season is summer or fall. During those sunny, warm months I swore I was a summer person but now I can't deny the magic of fall!

7. I became a coffee drinker in Spain (even though I swore I never would be!). My go-to is an almond milk latte and my guilty pleasure is super sweet, flavored iced coffee... But nothing can beat Spanish café con leche.

8. My friends always trust me to get places because I love to explore, never mind driving, and always look at maps so I know where I'm going!

9. I would happily spend an entire day by myself – sometimes I prefer being alone!

10. I love to hike and my favorite person to hike with is my dad. We hiked the tallest mountain in Maine (and the end of the Appalachian Trail), Mount Katahdin, the summer before I went to college and we explored the White Mountains this summer.

Now... tell me about yourself!

Photos by Raya on Assignment.

New England Road Trips

October 6, 2016

I love road trips – my ideal weekend would be spent driving a couple of hours to a new little town and exploring the coffeeshops, stores, and neighborhoods. I happen to think New England is the ideal region for road trips, because there is so much you can reach within just a few hours. Whether you're looking to spend a weekend in the city or the country, the coast or the mountains, New England has it!

I went on a lot of little trips this summer around the region, hitting a lot of new destinations and revisiting old favorites. I wish I had more free time this season to road trip, because I would love to see the beautiful fall foliage all around New England! Here are some of my favorite towns to explore for a weekend...

1. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

portsmouth new hampshire road trip

I live minutes from Portsmouth and it's one of my favorite little cities. There is so much to do (and so much good food!) and I think it would make the perfect weekend jaunt.

Grab a coffee at... La Maison Navarre, a French café and bistro, has the best almond milk latte I've had anywhere, and the place itself feels like a trip to Europe.

Don't miss... eclectic international food at Street, the waterfront Prescott Park (especially the garden), downtown shops like Gus & Ruby, LIT Boutique, and Pickwick's

Hidden gems... Portsmouth's historic South End neighborhood is well worth a wander, Portsmouth Farmers' Market in City Hall parking lot (if your visit coincides with these times)

2. Camden, Maine

camden maine

Camden is my favorite town in Maine, and I'm from Maine, so you should take my advice that it's the place to visit! It embodies everything good about coastal Maine while retaining its authenticity.

Grab a coffee at... The one thing Camden lacks is a great coffee shop, so I recommend grabbing some on your way up the coast at Treats in Wiscasset, which is about 40 minutes south of Camden.

Don't miss... the picturesque harbor-front park, an easy lunch with a view from Camden Deli, incredible water views from the top of Mount Battie (an easy hike or drive up), Camden's artsy sister town Rockland (better restaurants!)

Hidden gems... surrounding lighthouses like Rockland Breakwater Light or Owls Head Light, a great hike with incredible views called Maiden's Cliff

3. Marblehead, Massachusetts

marblehead massachusetts recommendations

I went to Marblehead for the first time this summer and it quickly established itself as one of my favorite New England towns. It's so charming and beautiful and I can't wait to go back soon.

Grab a coffee at... we stopped for a refreshing iced tea at Haley's Marketplace. I would love to go back and try Shubies and Atomic Cafe.

Don't miss... fresh seafood from The Landing, the winding streets through charming historic neighborhoods

Hidden gems... a local recommended that we walk up to Fort Sewall for amazing views and it did not disappoint

4. White Mountains, New Hampshire

white mountains new hampshire

My weekend in the White Mountains with my dad this summer was one of my favorite trips. It's like time passes more slowly up there and there's nothing like a serene weekend in nature. I'm hoping to make it back up there to catch some foliage.

Grab a coffee at... Frontside Coffee Roasters in downtown North Conway, White Mountain Cider Co. in Glen (don't miss the fresh cider donuts warm from the oven)

Don't miss... a not-too-challenging hike to the stunning Arethusa Falls (and you can continue along the trail to Frankenstein Cliff for panoramic views), a stay or a stop at the Omni Mount Washington Resort, conquering one of the White Mountains 4000-footers (next on my list!)

Hidden gems... Ripley Falls is a less popular waterfall than Arethusa Falls but even more stunning, in my opinion (and you can climb to the top of the waterfall!)

5. Portland, Maine

portland maine recommendations

I grew up just an hour north of Portland but set my mind to really exploring it for a day this summer. There is a lot to see and eat here, so it's definitely a road trip-worthy spot.

Grab a coffee at... Bard Coffee in the Old Port (delicious coffee and a fun interior)

Don't miss... the best donuts from The Holy Donut, lobster rolls from J's Oyster, pizza from Otto, the iconic Portland Head Light (which is technically in Cape Elizabeth, a short drive away)

Hidden gems... drive over to South Portland for a less popular but equally pretty lighthouse called Bug Light (or Portland Breakwater Light), pop into the public garden behind the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow House for a quiet moment

What are your favorite road trip destinations?

Accessories I Wear Every Day

October 3, 2016

My style has gotten a lot simpler as I've gotten older. I mostly wear neutrals and then add classic accessories for interest. Here are some of my favorite go-to pieces that I've wear all the time...

1. Maine necklace

maine state necklace

new england blogger

My mom got me this necklace last year but I just started wearing it every day this summer. I like representing my home state and it's a fun piece to add to any outfit. She found it at a local boutique but there are tons of similar options on Etsy.

2. Daniel Wellington watch

daniel wellington watch

how to wear daniel wellington watches

I can't say I put this on every single day, but I do love wearing it with the right outfit. There's such a classic feel to leather watches; I don't think they'll ever go out of style!

4. Adidas sneakers

adidas stan smith sneakers

adidas stan smith sneakers

When I studied abroad in Spain, everyone was wearing these sneakers. I found myself adapting more and more to the European style, so naturally I had to get these shoes. I love white sneakers of any kind, but these are especially perfect. I wear them with dresses, leggings, and everything in between.

4. Leather tote

best leather tote

leather tote

I got this tote this summer and wish I had gotten it earlier! It's the perfect size to either fit your laptop and notebooks, or just to throw a few things in for errands. It's really high quality and is reversible, too! I can't believe it's under $50.

Also wearing...

Photos by Raya on Assignment.

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