DIY: Memory Jar

August 31, 2015

I moved back into school yesterday and am starting my sophomore year of college today! Moving in this year was a lot less stressful than freshman year because I had a better idea of what I would actually need and want throughout the year.

One thing that I loved having in my dorm room last year were lots of photos that evoked memories with friends and family. I'm definitely the type that loves to be surrounded by personal touches, whether it's framed photos in a gallery wall or a collage of ticket stubs on a cork board.

This year, I decided to do something different and corral all of the various admission tickets I've collected over the past year into a glass jar.

I included movie ticket stubs, admission tickets to art museums, souvenir badges from national parks, tickets to college sports games, a postcard, and a name badge from a research conference I presented at.

The items represent memories from my year at college, my trip to New York, my trip to Montana, and more.

This is a great way to collect and display memories without it looking messy or disorganized, like a cork board can be sometimes.

I found my glass jar at HomeGoods and I know they usually have a shelf full of jars of all different shapes and sizes that are perfect for this craft. It's so easy to do and adds a fun personal touch to my dorm room.

Weekend Reading

August 28, 2015

I head back to college on Sunday, so this week has been spent running errands and packing. The weather hasn't been too great for my last week of summer, unfortunately, but I've tried to make the best of it.

My best friend Erika came up for a quick visit in the beginning of the week. We went for a walk near her grandmother's house and stumbled upon (literally) this amazing flower and lavender garden.

The owner of the property happened to be walking around and she was so gracious and let us explore her beautiful gardens and waterfront land. She told us that she actually hosts events there among the flowers and in the beautiful converted barn. Anna Kendrick even flew in via helicopter earlier this summer to be a maid of honor at a wedding there! Erika and I went home and immediately looked through all the dreamy photos on the website. It was kind of magical to just happen upon this gorgeous property and the owner couldn't have been kinder. 

Anyways... I had brunch at my favorite breakfast place in town this week, twice! So worth it.

With all this cloudy weather I've been finding myself wanting to stay inside and curl up with a good book. Right now I'm reading "All the Light We Cannot See" which I've been wanting to pick up for awhile. It's beautifully written.

Some links I found this week...

1. I don't watch So You Think You Can Dance regularly but I love going through the YouTube videos and watching the individual dances sometimes. The Emmy-nominated routines were announced this week and I love Spencer Liff's pieces.
{ via YouTube }

2. Found this awesome resource for bright and fun (and free!) downloadable desktop wallpapers.
{ via Design Love Fest }

3. I was searching for prints for my dorm room and came across this amazing compilation of free downloadable prints across the internet.
{ via Mrs. Fancee }

I'm up early today to get in a final yoga class and then am spending the day running errands and tying up loose ends before school! Have a great weekend!

My Summer Morning Routine

August 27, 2015

As summer comes to a close, I've been reflecting on the past few months and the routines that formed throughout the season. I always think it's interesting to read about people's habits and routines so today I'm sharing my summer morning routine... I typically worked 4 days of the week and got up around 8:30 or 9 depending on which job I was working that day (I was a waitress at a waterfront restaurant and also worked at a candle company/vintage furniture store). 

I always have to eat breakfast first thing...

I try to start the day off with a healthy breakfast because I think it sets the tone for the rest of the day (it's one of my tips to be healthier). I love avocado toast on some hearty bread with a piece of fruit. I've been trying to drink a gallon of water each day lately so I always start the day with a tall glass of water.

While I eat, I read some blogs and check social media. I always find some time to catch up on current events by reading TheSkimm. If you haven't heard about it yet, it's a daily email newsletter that recounts several of the biggest news stories and issues of the day. It's easy (and fun) to read and I love feeling in-the-know about current events. You can sign up here to receive the daily emails.

I get dressed for the day and brew some Tiny Tea to sip as I head out the door!

What does your morning look like?

10 Basics You Need for College

August 25, 2015

I'm heading back to college this Sunday (!) and have been busy packing. In the past year I find my style has evolved to be centered around more simple basics and less around statement pieces that I quickly get tired of. Especially in college, I found myself reaching for easy, comfortable pieces as I headed to class or to the dining hall.

Here are the 10 basics that I reached for the most during the school year... Most are cold weather wear because, at least in New England, the majority of our time at college is spent in cool and cold months!

Vest | Sweater | Chambray | Tee | Boots | Skinny jeans | Athletic shorts | Cozy pullover | Leggings | Sneakers

What do you reach for most during the school year?

Weekend Reading

August 21, 2015

After getting home from Montana on Saturday, I went straight into work for four days so the end of this week has provided some much needed catch-up and relaxation!

I've tried to get back on track with healthy eating and drinking my TinyTea after every meal.

Yesterday I finally had the chance to run some errands and start my school shopping, which is exciting! I couldn't resist a scenic detour through the coastal town of Owls Head, where I came across this charming scene...

I've been doing a lot of online shopping lately (I have a bit of a problem!) and treated myself to a new watch. I love the classic, timeless leather strap and simple face of this Daniel Wellington watch.

This tassel necklace, delicate gold bracelet, and pair of striped shorts have been on repeat this summer.

Here are some links I've liked this week...

1. I love the royals and these vintage candid photographs from Charles and Diana's wedding are fun behind-the-scenes peek.
{ via Buzzfeed }

2. I love a good mom blog once in a while and I came across Camp Patton recently. Her writing style is quirky and funny and with five kids under five, there's no shortage of entertaining stories and tidbits...
{ via Camp Patton }

3. One of my favorite bloggers, Bess, wrote such an interesting post about embracing rather than scoffing at traditional female activities and hobbies.
{ via The Odyssey }

4. An interesting article that tries to clear misconceptions about the real meaning of Robert Frost's famous "The Road Not Taken" poem.
{ via The New York Post }

5. Branding and marketing are an interest of mine so I enjoyed reading about AdWeek's Brand Genius award winners of 2015.
{ via AdWeek }

Logan Pass and Hidden Lake in Glacier

August 20, 2015

Last Thursday, I was still exploring Glacier National Park on our amazing Montana vacation. I knew whitewater rafting would be a fun thing for our group of ten to do so we booked a trip for early afternoon. It was a lot of fun to float down the river for a few hours and navigate some rapids.

Afterwards, some of the group headed back to our house and the rest of us decided to do some more exploring of Glacier. Since we didn't have the whole day and didn't have the right attire for a long hike, we decided just to drive down the Going to the Sun Road about halfway and do a light hike at one of the points along the road, Logan Pass.

There are a few hiking trails that begin at Logan Pass and we decided on an easy, 1.5 mile one, the Hidden Lake trail.


This family of mountain goats was grazing alongside the trail and I thought they were so cute. We didn't get too close (the picture on the right is zoomed in) and they didn't seem to be bothered by our presence at all.

This was a cool place in the park because you were very high in elevation and were surrounded by mountains on all sides, so it almost felt like you were on top of the world.
Waterfalls and wildflowers dotted the sides of the trail.

A small pond towards the end of the hike. We reached Hidden Lake and took in the view of the lake below us shaded by mountains and then headed back. It was such a nice little spontaneous hike!

I loved Montana as a whole but Glacier in particular really stole my heart. It's hard to describe but I really felt a special connection to Glacier and I can't wait to go back.

Montana Moments

August 19, 2015

A few of my favorite moments from last week's trip to Montana...

View of endless mountains from the plane.

Early morning glow on the lake before a sunrise kayak.

The sun finally peeking over the mountains after a serene morning paddling around the lake with my dad.

My cozy reading nook in my bedroom with a view of the lake.

The turquoise waters of Ashley Lake sparkling in the summer sun during an afternoon of dozing on the dock.

Reading on the porch with views of the lake.

Dressed up and gathering for pictures before a fun dinner downtown on our last night.

Wandering the streets of quaint nearby Whitefish before our flight home.

Hiking to Grinnell Glacier

August 18, 2015

My favorite day out of last week's trip to Montana was our hike to Grinnell Glacier. My dad and three of our family friends that we stayed with got up early and drove across Glacier National Park via the Going to the Sun Road to get to the hike.

The Going to the Sun Road is the only road that runs all the way through Glacier and the majority of it clings to the side of mountains. Safe to say the views are incredible...

Pictures don't even do it justice. Right out the car window were miles and miles of incredible panoramic views of mountains, waterfalls, glaciers... and wildlife!

These big-horned sheep were just leisurely hanging out on the side of the road and were totally unfazed by the cars and gawking tourists.

The mornings in Glacier were usually foggy and a little smoky because of the wildfires, which made the mountains extra pretty.

Pulling into Many Glacier, the area of the park which our hike was in, I think all of our mouths collectively hung open. These huge mountains rising up from the turquoise lakes were so beautiful. The historic Many Glacier hotel sat on Swiftcurrent Lake and the views were spectacular.

I found it interesting how different the two different sides of the park were. Many Glacier, on the Eastern side, was much more open so sweeping views of steep mountains and wide lakes were more common. Meanwhile, West Glacier, where we explored earlier in the trip, was more forested.

I had so much fun hiking with my friends Anne (in the photo) and Caroline and their dad, along with my dad.

We embarked on our hike as soon as we could. We started out walking mostly in the woods and along Lake Josephine, but it was exciting because we could see our final destination... the large glacier above the waterfall in the pictures above.

This was a little less than halfway through our hike, but, as you can see, the views were amazing. I felt like I was in the Swiss Alps!

Grinnell Lake was the prettiest bright turquoise color, a result of the glacial sediment in the lake. It was almost surreal to keep looking over and seeing this view.

It was so hot and we were in the sun practically the entire hike so these waterfalls along the path were much appreciated. The ice cold water felt so good splashing on our shoulders as we walked right alongside this waterfall.

Me and Caroline on the hike. It took us awhile to get up the mountain in part because we kept stopping to take pictures, there were so many gorgeous photo opportunities!

Our reward at the top of the mountain -- the ice cold glacial pool. It felt, again, surreal to be in such a cool landscape.

This was such an amazing hike and might just be my favorite I've ever done!

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