Best Places to Find Dorm Decor

June 24, 2015

About this time last summer, I was busy trying to find pieces for my dorm room. For me, it was important to find unique pieces and also find decor that I really loved, because I knew I would be living with it for the next year.

Throughout my experience of searching for bedding, decor, etc., I've compiled a number of sites that are good resources for finding dorm decor.

Basics and storage:
These are the more generic stores that you typically would start your search at. I would try to avoid buying your bedding here because chances are many people are going to get theirs from these stores. I also found the selection at these stores to be limited, especially towards the end of the summer. Instead, these are the places to stock up on basics (towels, mattress topper, storage bins, etc.). 

Personalized items and unique decor pieces:
It's fun to have unique pieces incorporated into your dorm decor. In my dorm, I had a monogrammed throw pillow from Etsy. You can find anything from fun decals to pillows on the site, and I like supporting the small businesses that sell through Etsy. I also think some unique decor pieces could be found at Anthropologie

Bedding and pillows:
I would say that bedding is the most important part of the dorm room. Your room is small, so your bed is the central focus of your space. I spent time picking out my color scheme that was represented in my bedding and pillows and searched high and low for what I had in mind. It pays to look for what you really want and not just settle, because you will spend so much time in your room and specifically your bed. I got my bedding from American Made Dorm and it was very high quality.
Leigh Deux, American Made Dorm (use code SAVE15Now for 15% off), 

Desk Supplies and Accessories:
Your desk is the other large piece of furniture in your room, so having it nicely organized and styled makes a huge difference. I loved having desk organizers for the drawers, acrylic makeup organizers for the desk, and glass jars for my pencils. I always found great, nice looking storage trays and desk organizers at Homegoods.

I also put together a college packing list if you're not sure where to start.

Where do you get dorm or home decor?

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  1. I still have a couple of years before I go to college but one of my favorite places to shop for home decor is Target. I love the large number of adorable things they have!

    Running Alyssa


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