Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekend Reading

This week was a busy one and the weekend is looking full, too... Here's hoping I can quickly get over this cold I just caught! Some links for your weekend...

1. Makers and Gatherers is hosting a creative workshop and retreat on Lake Winnipesaukee this fall (November 4–6)! How fun does this look? You stay in a cozy lakeside cabin and spend the weekend learning about writing, styling, and photography!
{ via Makers and Gatherers }

2. The blogger behind Margo and Me's Instagrams from her trip to Italy is giving me serious Europe withdrawals... Can I go back now?
{ via Instagram }

3. Love this list of 20 easy things you can do to improve your life... little things that anyone can accomplish make all the difference.
{ via The Everygirl }

4. Always fun to read how blogs got started – Summer Wind is one of my favorites.
{ via Summer Wind }

Have a great first weekend of fall!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tips for Clean Eating

After getting back from spending the semester in Europe, I definitely needed to be a little stricter with my diet and exercise. I basically let myself eat whatever I wanted while abroad (no regrets!) but I wanted to eat a lot cleaner starting this summer. I'm generally a health-conscious person, so it wasn't too hard, but there's definitely a balance to be found.

Here are some of my tips for eating clean that I've found over the past few months:

1. Don't deprive yourself
When I first started trying to eat a clean diet, I wasn't eating enough calories in a day to sustain myself, so I would get ravenously hungry and eventually end up giving in to my junk food cravings. I quickly learned that I had to plan on frequent healthy snacks and more substantial meals in order to avoid making spontaneous bad food chocies.

2. Limit eating out
I was also trying to limit spending this summer, so this rule went hand-in-hand with that. Eating out almost automatically entails big, not-so-healthy meals... Which is great once in awhile! But make it a treat and not a regular occurrence.

3. Have a healthy pantry
All your food weaknesses? Just don't buy them. (Not grocery shopping on an empty stomach is key!) I tend to eat a lot of bread so I only let myself buy it (and a healthy, sprouted multigrain version at that) once in awhile. I also have a big sweet tooth that kicks in mid afternoon or after dinner, but the only sweet I have in my house is dark chocolate (which I don't even like that much).

4. Meal prep
I never really took the time to prepare my meals ahead of time but I quickly realized it is key with a busy schedule. I usually do a few servings of overnight steel-cut oats in a mason jar that will last me a few mornings as well as a big batch of roasted root vegetables that I pair with brown rice for a couple dinners.

5. Enjoy it
You'll never stick with it if you don't find some fun in it. I started to really enjoy cooking and preparing meals this summer... (mostly because I work in social media so my head was in the computer all day and I enjoyed having something off-screen to occupy my time.) I also always like going to the local farm stand or Trader Joe's and picking up fresh vegetables and fruits.

Once you get into a routine of it, eating unhealthfully isn't even that appealing anymore! And it's more enjoyable when you actually do treat yourself.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Guide to Granada, Spain

In honor of my current extreme homesickness for the city where I studied abroad, – Granada, Spain – I figured I would post the travel guide to the city that I shared on Musings Over Mochas a couple weeks ago. I previously wrote an extensive guide to studying abroad in Granada for anyone spending an extended period of time there, but here are my condensed recommendations for anyone stopping by for a trip.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekend Reading

Could not be happier to say goodbye to this week! My days are busy busy and it seems like I have 10 things to think about at once. I've also been trying to secure an apartment for next year (yes, already!) and that's been an added stressor. My sister and I are driving up to Maine tomorrow for a bit of relaxation with our family, which is much needed.

Here are the links I've been loving lately...

1. Jumping on the Glossier bandwagon and thinking of placing an order after hearing this inspiring Forbes podcast with the founder.
{ via Forbes

2. Ordered a couple things for fall from Nordstrom and I'm so glad I grabbed this S'well water bottle to carry to and from class. Much nicer than my old Nalgene!
{ via Nordstrom }

3. I think it's time I try meditation, especially now that there's so much stress in my life. This article seems like a good place to start.
{ via New York Times

4. Need to up my supplements game and I'm going to refer to this list of 5 supplements for mental health.
{ via Well + Good

5. Love this new series from Gray Malin of aerial photographs of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket beaches.
{ via Gray Malin

Monday, September 12, 2016

Fall and Farmers' Markets

The last two weekends have been much slower for me than my summer weekends. Instead of setting out on a road trip, I've been lying low and sticking close to home... mostly because I have homework to do! I have made some time for little adventures, like heading to local towns for coffee and a stop at the farmers' market.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer in Maine

I realized I totally forgot to post pictures from my one trip back up to my hometown in Maine this summer. (I can't believe I only made it back up there once since moving to New Hampshire in June!) My cousin who lives in Pennsylvania roadtripped up to New England mid-August and we decided to spend the weekend in Maine.